Gully’s Tactical Analysis – Half-Term Report

The Ten Percent Rule I mentioned in my last video that #WBA did well to get Matheus Pereira on the ball around 10% of all their touches during the game. He felt like a large influence and I wanted to explore this further from a #WWFC perspective. So I decided to have a look … Continue reading Gully’s Tactical Analysis – Half-Term Report

Wolves vs The Dementor

We've all got one. Perhaps more. For me it's Diomansy Kamara careering down the left channel before scoring and doing that utterly ridiculous and inexplicably infuriating celebration. Also, Gary Breen's pure anguish after miscuing a clearance directly to Kevin Phillips - I don't need to tell you the rest. He was 'inevitable', in the words … Continue reading Wolves vs The Dementor


And in the time it takes you to delete a tweet from nearly a decade ago, football is back. It's a new season and all of the ills and lingering doubts of last season have dissipated as every fan in the country regenerates the optimism that only a new campaign can bring. Yes? No? To … Continue reading Bottle


It’s been a while peeps - how are we all? First and foremost I sincerely hope everyone’s health is in a good way and has been over the past three months of lockdown. It’s been a strange time and much has changed over the course of the period. Heck, I’m 10 kilos lighter myself. Change … Continue reading BAU