Go on son…

There is an element of depression surrounding Wolves success at the minute. Personally anyway.

Way back when goal nets weren’t pulled up by stanchions and pitches still had patches of mud on them I remember attending a Wolves match and my dad uttering the three words in the title of the blog post in the general direction of a precocious talent called Robbie Keane.

With a rather pained look on my face , 5/6/7 year old me asked my old man why he called him ‘son’? To my knowledge it was only myself and my twin brother who deserved that title, unless of course I had been disowned and replaced before even having the chance to do anything worthy of such punishment, or we were getting a teenage Irishman moving into the spare room – not your typical Punjabi household our lot.

Rather simply, Dad turned around and said ‘I can say it because he’s younger than me.’ And so I continued observing the general mediocrity served up at Molineux over the past 20 years

Fast forward to this weekend. Wolves vs Aston Villa. Heated local derby. The best talent I’d seen at Molineux in my lifetime gracing the hallowed turf. Jota embarks on a driving run at the heart of the Villa defence…

‘Go on son!’

I’d only gone and done it myself. This was when it occurred to me. Jota is 20. Neves is 20. The whole line-up on average was 24.8 years old. Most significantly, it was the first time I had been older than the average age of the Wolves First XI. And so gone were the dreams of me ever making it as a player at Molineux.

Truth be told that dream left me when I discovered Jagerbombs at Nottingham Trent University, but it remained a scary thought to think the vast majority of that side were now the proverbial ‘son’ in my father’s words. But how exciting is that?

We have some of the most exciting talents in European football at Molineux Stadium. It’s worth repeating that.

We have some of the most exciting talents in European football at Molineux Stadium. And they’re not just passing through – they’re ours!

I guess that’s what’s made me embark on this blogging journey as I look to chart our rise to the top of the Championship table and beyond. The excitement is tangible. Molineux feels like a different place. We’re at the cutting edge of football at this level.

I was asked to do a short clip for the Channel 5 highlights show this week which didn’t quite make it to air, but was shared on Twitter. In it I remarked that this is the best Wolves team I’ve seen in my lifetime. I’d take a good guess that it’s as good as anything we’ve had since the late 70s and early 80s. And I’d also suggest the team we have would be a dab hand in the Premier League as it is.

We’re going places boys and girls. Strap yourselves in.


2 thoughts on “Go on son…

  1. Good stuff Gully. As a bloke in my early fifties who has been down’The Temple ‘ since the late seventies I can honestly say that I have never seen such fantastic football at the Wolves. Scary thing is I think it can get consistently better as we go along. I say’ scary’ I mean ‘bloody well hope so’. All the best.

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