Goldstar Martinis

Well that was a weekend we won’t forget for a long time! In truth, we’ve known it for a while. But we can finally proclaim that we are Premier league. The match on Sunday was actually quite a distraction to be honest and Blues did their utmost to dampen the spirits and be the Smurf version of the Grinch we know they can be. But nothing could stop our party that began at 19.25 on Saturday evening.
We’ve done things our own way all season. Signed who we want. Played how we want. Used whichever super agent we want and I was one of the fans that wanted us to do it all our own way on Sunday. So to have promotion confirmed while the football was being played in the capital I felt would have been an anticlimax. It was actually quite the opposite. I was overcome with joy and call me dramatic – I’m not talking from experience – but I would imagine it was the same feeling as looking down the aisle and seeing your bride to be or seeing your first born enter the world. That is how happy Neal Maupay made me and local lad Dean Smith orchestrated the perfect away performance from which Brentford probably deserved more than a draw.
So to the small matter of our West Midlands derby. I’m sure the vast majority of the near 30,000 in attendance were nursing some sort of hangover. Whether that was alcohol infused or otherwise. Arriving at the ground everything felt different. There has been a buzz around Molineux all season but this was something else. I’ve not seen so many smiles and people were queuing up from 10.30am. Going into most derby games there have been nerves but it was as if people had forgotten who we were playing and were more interested in the celebrations. Regarding the game itself it went as close to the script as we could have predicted. Blues set up as most teams would fighting for their Championship lives. They were as combative as expected and did their best to knock us out of our stride. They had a glorious opportunity to score in the first half but John Ruddy did his thing and from then on it was plain sailing. I felt we didn’t get out of second gear and considering the adrenaline that would have been used up on Saturday evening it was a thoroughly professional performance.
It was as if Nuno and the team had planned their surge after the Villa game just for us. Choosing the earliest kick off of the season so as to give us the most time to celebrate. And what a celebration we had. Thousands of fans made their way into the pubs and bars to paint the town gold. I even found myself indulging in some Pornstar Martinis as they were the drink closest to resembling the old gold. Songs were sung, drinks were consumed and friends were made. I also walked into work on Monday with an almost congratulatory guard of honour from some very green eyed Villa and Blues fans. Hopefully something I’ll be seeing for a very long time to come.
So thank you Nuno. Thank you Wolves for blessing us with this glorious achievement and the way we’ve done it has been the most pleasing aspect. Let’s keep this going, and to the fans. Let’s enjoy these final 3 parties and wrap up the title. This has been the best season in my lifetime and will live long in the memory. With all the noises coming out of the club this is apparently just the beginning. Of course nothing can be guaranteed and most of us Wolves fans are far too long in the tooth to expect the success we’ve craved for generations. But with this ownership and Nuno at the helm I truly believe anything is possible. So once again. Thank you Nuno, Jeff and all behind the scenes. In the words of Tony Hadley; ‘you are gold’.
Gullys Twin

2 thoughts on “Goldstar Martinis

  1. Of course, like Wolves fans everywhere, I want this success to go on forever. But will it ever taste sweeter than this? When the joy of watching what we have had the privilege of watching this season has been denied us for so long, how can more of the same ever come close.
    Hopefully we will find out in the years to come.

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