An Homage to Liverpool Fans

Social Media as a construct is a fascinating place. It unites and divides. It gives a voice to the voiceless and drowns out the prominent. It’s a minefield of serious,and trivial, hilarious and solemn. But social media was only ever created for one, special group of people in reality – Liverpool fans.

Where else could Liverpool fans exist in their own little world of near bi-polarity? Where could they legitimately build up their own narrative to suggest that they are in fact the greatest club in the history of ever and that God himself placed them on this planet to prove it to everyone else? That can only explain this weird sense of entitlement that a generation of Liverpool fans, who were merely a dirty thought in their dad’s mind in the club’s halcyon days, have grown up with. And how this entitlement plays itself out online…

You see the problem with giving voices to the voiceless, is for every considered, measured and thoughtful person out there, you seem to get a thousand morons in return. Reading through a Twitter timeline when Liverpool have either lost, or been done some kind of minor injustice can be like death by a thousand cuts. Last season’s Champions League final was the Liverpool fan experience in microcosm. Here we had a game of great magnitude, which was obviously their birthright to be some kind of part of. In fairness to the club they have a history in the competition. recent enough for our fledgling armchair-people to resonate with this feeling.

Cue Sergio Ramos, Loris Karius and all that jazz. There should be a richter scale for outpouring of emotion post-defeat for Premier League football clubs. There’s a list Liverpool can top every single season. Give them a trophy, allow them to win something at least guys, these poor souls. How dare Sergio Ramos challenge the most in-form footballer on the planet? This Loris Karius figure is not worthy of the privilege adorning this shirt and he must immediately be sent for execution, torture, or some other kind of abhorrent punishment. Oh, no, wait – he was concussed! That rotten Ramos again! I know what this calls for – a petition! Let’s get this flagrant man banned for his misgivings! Because only Liverpool have ever suffered from an injury to their best player at an inopportune moment…

Any group of fans that back such a petition to the tune  of 500,000 signatures should be pulled a side for a word or two, immediately be removed from the internet and placed in a network-less world where they can only communicate with each other, protected from the rest of the human race.

Now Liverpool Football Club has suffered some unimaginable tragedy in the past and it must never be forgotten what the fans subsequently went through. Liverpool as a club and a team have always had a positive impact on me, watching the likes of Fernando Torres, Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard and others. But social media – as with many clubs – seems to bring the worst out of them.

With their obvious national appeal to the nation’s youth (?!) I happen to come across many Liverpool fans in my locality. Maybe this is my real source of frustration with the group, but I’ve been asked on each and every occasion we’ve played Liverpool to see if I can get a LIverpool fan a ticket to the game. If ever you want to get on the wrong side of a Wolves fan, then you’ve got a route to boiling blood right there. These people, with Sky TV remotes for hands and an armchair for a backside.

I am genuinely looking forward to this game. It should be an excellent spectacle between two well-drilled teams who are in good form with some truly spectacular footballers on show. And Dejan Lovren, Greatest Centre Back In The World™, who has sent a timely reminder to us all of Liverpool’s unbeaten record and how it could last for the rest of the season. The kind of comment a million Liverpool fans have probably already made to be fair, but maybe he’s caught the bug too.

This all sets things up very nicely for tomorrow, and in writing this blog I realise I am also setting myself up very nicely for a fall if Wolves don’t do themselves justice in this fixture. But on the off chance (by which I mean every chance because this is what Liverpool do) that they stumble and fall, I’m sure I won’t be alone in wallowing in the writhing pain, agony and suffering that will no doubt be in evidence from our not so favourite Liverpool fans all over social media.





One thought on “An Homage to Liverpool Fans

  1. ‘You see the problem with giving voices to the voiceless, is for every considered, measured and thoughtful person out there, you seem to get a thousand morons in return.’

    Great comment. Brexit in a nutshell.

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