Signing on the Jot-ted Line

Every now and then, football teams make signings that make you sit up and take notice. Wolves have started doing it every transfer window. It all started 18 months ago. In came Ivan Cavaleiro, fresh from the glitz and glamour of Monaco. As if that wasn't enough, the real revelation from that transfer window, Helder … Continue reading Signing on the Jot-ted Line

Ivat Doherleiro

Well that's it then isn't it? Crisis averted. We are nothing if not an emotional bunch, us Wolves fans and despite what people might tell you, this victory was very, very welcome for our hearts, minds and non-grey hairs. I'm a fully paid-up member of the 'Keep Calm and Trust In Nuno' club. We wear … Continue reading Ivat Doherleiro

Mind the Gap

Barnsley. It's one of them words you can't help but say in a Yorkshire accent. It's the nether region of the area, the deepest part where I imagine not being of Yorkshire blood is an offence to them. I remember my last trip to Barnsley, a famous, title-clinching day which highlighted all that is good … Continue reading Mind the Gap