Wolves 2.0

Well there we have it. If ever we needed proof that this was a new Wolves! A Wolves reborn as such! The vast majority of us fans have never seen us return from Teeside victorious but this is Wolves 2.0. We still enjoy making things hard for ourselves. But our 'Nuno Espirito' was in full … Continue reading Wolves 2.0

Captain. Leader. Legend?

And, breathe. As the season looks to draw in a lungful of air before a final blowout that decides the winners, the losers, the tears of joy and the tears of devastation, I felt it was time to put another of the Wolves contingent under the spotlight. We're sitting pretty, aren't we? It may be … Continue reading Captain. Leader. Legend?

The Debrief

Well that hurt. A kick in the unmentionables after a week of digs, diatribes and dastardly goings-on. We kept our counsel. We let everyone else work themselves up into a frenzy. Our response should have come at 5.30pm on Saturday evening. We should have harnessed all of that siege mentality and unleashed the wrath of … Continue reading The Debrief